“AVK” Confectionery Company is one of the leaders of confectionery market in Ukraine and in the World. According to State Statistics Service of Ukraine in 2014 “AVK” Confectionery Company ranked the 1st place among Ukrainian manufacturers of chocolate confectionery with 25% of total chocolate confectionery production. In annual rating “Top 100 confectionery companies in the world” held by candyindustry.com in 2013 “AVK” Confectionery Company occupied the 50th place out of 100.
The company’s portfolio includes chocolates confectionery, candy bars, chocolates, sugar free products, biscuits, pastries, wafers, jelly range, dry extruded products. The most popular brands are “Royal Masterpiece”, “Who Said “Muuu?”, 2Galante”, “Mr. BIGuin”, “Trufalie”, “Bomond” etc. All “AVK” products are certified in accordance with the international standards ISO 9001 and 22000.
In 2015 Halal Certificate was awarded to more than 120 products of the “AVK” confectionery. “AVK” now exports its products to more than 30 countries all over the world and is entering new markets at a fast pace.

October 22, 1991 – Establishment of the company “AVK”
1991-1992 – Supply of cocoa raw materials for confectionery factories in Ukraine
1993 – Launch of own production of plastic containers
1994-1995 – Opening of 2 own producers: LLC “Pchela, LLC” Mart “
1998 – Launch of extruder production. Active development of chocolates production
1999 – Creation of a centralized management system

2000 – “AVK” has received the ISO 9001 quality management system certificate
2001 – Launch of a new factory in Donetsk
2002 – “AVK” became the first company in the industry to successfully launch its own bonds
2004 – Launch of a new line of chewing gels
2005 – Sales volume exceeded 1 billion UHR
2007 – Official opening of “AVK” in Moscow, Russia

2008 – Record investment in the development of chocolate line (more than 50 billion USD!)
2009 – Certification of production capacity in accordance with international standard ISO 22000
2012 – Large television advertising campaign of sweets “AVK” and trademark “Trufalie” started.
2014 – “AVK” covers 35% of the confectionery market in Ukraine